Carbody Banbury Ltd –South Oxfordshire’s only Carbon Neutral accident repair facility

Carbody Banbury Ltd’s is South Oxfordshire’s first Carbon Neutral accident repair facility and has completed PAS2060 assessment in line with guidance from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, UK Environmental Reporting Guidelines, and the PAS2060 Standard. These documents outline best practice for company emissions reporting.

Our Carbon Management Policy

It is the policy of Carbody Banbury Ltd to manage and reduce the emissions from our operations and responsibly promote our achievements, with the aim of being a carbon neutral business.

Carbody Banbury Ltd will do this by:

  • Following international standards including the World Resource Institutes Green House Gas Protocol and Defra’s GHG reporting guidelines for assessing carbon emissions.
  • Putting in place a carbon management plan to reduce emissions.
  • Setting targets to reduce emissions (on a per repair basis) year on year.
  • Assessing and reporting our carbon footprint on an annual basis.
  • Offsetting our residual emissions through projects verified against the international Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard or Certified Emission Reductions (CERs). 
  • Helping to develop best practice including lobbying the appropriate government bodies or agencies for change in support of our clients carbon management needs

We aim to reduce our annual carbon footprint on a per job basis (tCO2e/per job) by 5% per year on an ongoing basis.

Our Carbon Offset Plan

Our main aim is to be a Carbon Neutral company. In order to achieve this status, we commit to achieve carbon reductions within our organisation and to offset all residual emissions.

Our offset projects and methodology for offsetting meet the following principles:

  • The offsets we purchase or the allowance credits we surrender represent genuine, additional GHG emission reductions elsewhere.
  • The projects involved in delivering our offsets meet the criteria of additionally, permanence, leakage and double counting.
  • Our carbon offsets are verified by an independent third party verifier.
  • Our credits from carbon offset projects are only issued after the emission reduction  associated to the offset project has taken place.
  • Our credits from carbon offset projects are retired within 12 months from the date of  the declaration of achievement of carbon neutral status.
  • Our credits from carbon offset projects are supported by publically available project  documentation on a registry which provides information about the offset project,  quantification methodology and validation and verification procedures.
  • Our credits from carbon offset projects are stored and retired in an independent and  credible registry

We hope that the effort we make now will help with a greener future.