Air Conditioning

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning is key to keeping it running efficiently and most importantly keeping you cool in the hotter weather.

Here at Carbody Banbury, we have the latest air conditioning equipment allowing us to service and refill all makes and models of vehicle. All our technicians are fully trained to re-gas the system.
Regular maintenance of your air conditioning ensures your vehicle is always cool and fresh and makes driving in the hotter weather a more comfortable experience. It also helps to clear the windows from condensation in the winter.
The system needs regular lubrication to prevent from premature wear.


Over time gas can escape from the system and with regular use, the refrigerant gas levels will need checking and refilling at least every 2 years.
If you don’t use the air conditioning system regularly you may find the gas will need replacing, as there can be a build-up of harmful bacteria, mould, spore, and allergens.
The air conditioning radiator, compressor, and pipe work all require annual visual checks to make sure there are no leaks or signs of wear and tear.
The air conditioning system can dry out if not lubricated regularly.

How do you know there is a problem?

* It may blow out warm air.
* The air won’t be as cool (A fully topped up air conditioning system will be ice cold)
* The vehicle won’t tell you, that’s why it is really good to keep it topped up and regularly serviced.


Pop into see us, we can give you a quote and make sure you are cool in your vehicle again in no time.

Why us?

Latest air conditioning equipment.
Fully trained and qualified technicians.
We can refill/re-gas any air conditioning system.
We will include a visual check of the complete air conditioning system for any leaks or wear and tear.
Fantastic customer service.
We want to help you!

Why fix it?

If left alone and not serviced, it can cause leaking gases and failure, which would result in a more costly repair.

For more information contact us now and we will be happy to help!