Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment is key to guaranteeing a straight-ahead drive for your car and also maintaining even wear on your tyres.

Here at Carbody Banbury, we have the latest Hunter Wheel Alignment technology allowing us to re-align all makes and models of vehicle, our fully trained technicians can make an adjustment and advise on any parts required to get your vehicle driving straight again.
Correct wheel alignment ensures your vehicle drives straight and that the grip and handling meets the manufacturers specifications. It also reduces tyre wear and makes sure they are evenly worn.
Your safety is our number one priority.


Over the years a vehicles wheel alignment can fall out of manufacture specification and will require a re-alignment.
Having an accident, driving over potholes, kerbing and general wear and tear can cause wheels to fall out of alignment.
These issues are usually discovered when you go to replace your tyres.

How do you know there is a problem?

* Vehicle may pull to one side
* Wheels may point in the wrong direction
* Tyres not touching the ground evenly
* Less grip on the road surface
* Tyres wearing quickly
* Vibrating steering wheel


Pop into see us, we can give you a quote and make sure you are driving straight again in no time.

Why us?

Latest computer controlled wheel alignment system
Fully trained and qualified technicians
Fantastic customer service
We want to help you

Why fix it?

If left unfixed and unattended, it can cause more damage to other parts of your vehicle.

For more information contact us now and we will be happy to help!